The Faculty of Engineering at Islamic Azad University, Karaj Branch was established in 1985. The Faculty started with admission of 150 students in fields of Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering. Afterward with admission of students in Industrial Engineering, Electrical Engineering in 1986, Computer Engineering in 1997 and Architecture in 2011, the number of available fields of studies of the Faculty reached to seven tendencies.

In 2012, for the purpose of increasing the quality of research and education, the faculty was divided into two faculties: Engineering Faculty and Mechatronic Faculty

Now Engineering Faculty has four departments:

  • Materials Engineering (includes B.S., M.S. and Ph.D.)
  • Industrial Engineering (includes B.S. and M.S.)
  • Civil Engineering (includes B.S. and M.S.)
  • Architecture Engineering (M.S. and Ph.D.)

The faculty has sixteen equipped laboratories, fifty one Academic Members and thirty Staff.